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While my husband's away the black cock slut will play. My limp husband is away on business so he put me in charge of the new help who were in the middle of doing some construction. Since my husband is more concerned with finding the remote than my clit I figured why not abuse some power? I noticed Wesley and Byron not wearing the required safety equipment so I brought them over to give them a tongue lashing.....or so they thought. Those nervous black studs quickly became hard once they realized I was more concerned with their cocks and not any stupid safety violations. After all, my husband would get sued if they were hurt ,not me! I always heard that black guys never get soft and can fill any hole until there's no more meat to stick in. After slobbering all over those big black shafts it was time to take one in my pussy and one in my ex-tight asshole. Those worked me over like a piston of black dick as my fat milk jugs couldn't stay in place. If my husband only knew that the white slut at home was finally getting fucked right then he'd kill us all. After tossing me all over the room and pumping me full of 2 feet of black dick it was time to drain those balls so they could get back to work. Good help is hard to find but hard black help is great to have!

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Member Vince**** Said:
Velicity Von is so sexy. Her pussy is beautiful and she is so good with two guys.

Member ilove**** Said:
Love how she worships their cocks, she offers to pay them $50/hr at the end to work for her, loves the BBC as do i

Member jopai**** Said:
Straight 10+....'nough said. Super sexual athelete. Classic BOB!!!!

Member etter**** Said:
These days she looks better than ever!!Slim,pale and super-duper-sexy!!And the sex is a 10!! 10 for her too!!GREAT !!

Member z00b0**** Said:
ive met her before as a kid. she is a friend of mines sister. pretty hot actually knowing who she is.

Member anico**** Said:
Her hairy pussy is a marvell! I like it a lot. Fantastic double penetration in her is a delight.

Member desro**** Said:
Wow, she's really hot! Kinda reminds me of the wife from Modern Family. Love it when he tries to fuck her "white nose".

Member Aloha**** Said:
love her!

Member wesse**** Said:
PLEASE...GET HER BACK FOR MORE ANAL AND GAPING!!...Does she got an intrc. site with anal?

Member edgar**** Said:
She's always had a great ass.

Member redtr**** Said:
i just love when these bitches kiss the nigger

Member yardm**** Said:
OMG soooo HOT, Bring her back with mandingo tho PLEAZ!!!

Member wesse**** Said:
I totaly agree with "noppe",shes stunning sexy & wild!!!Slim as shes become & "full of anal & gapes"!!!!10 out of 10,b.o.b !!! I also hate shaves pussy!!

Member noppe**** Said:

Member noppe**** Said:
Look how SUPER-SEXY shes become!!I used to think she was dull but now after beeing so much tinner!!Ohhhh!!And this scene is porn!!10 for her-10 for the sex!! GREAT,B.O.B !!!

Member slave**** Said:
shes a slut. shes lost heaps of wiehgt

Member pourv**** Said:
this site really needs more of her... She's one of the hottest and best performers in the business.

Member wardo**** Said:
Velicity is yummy in this from start to finish! Adorable!

Member dads3**** Said:
Very great !!!

Member Anaki**** Said:
Why she never shaves her pussy ? Would have been hotter

Member zebop**** Said:
I'm tired of Byron Long and that other tatted-up thug, but she's hotter than hell!

Member gogge**** Said:
She looks GREAT !!! She use to be fat all the years !! now shes become GREAT !!!Great scene too!!!!!Really one of the best on tghe whole site(s) !

Member The8t**** Said:
Fucken hell Velicity? You on a crack diet now, babes you looked a lot better when you had a few extra lbs

Member arkha**** Said:
This is a very hot scene. this girl looks like my wife . we have started her meeting black men for sex,and she loves it!

Member Jerfy**** Said:
hmm :( it's not what i thougt!

Member Garve**** Said:
She is one hot Milf.

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