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Member Rating: 9.06 Jenna Covelli - Date Added: Monday, 01/21/2013
Spoiler: This scene contains a cougar's first time EVER with black cock- let alone two of them! Jenna Covelli is in the middle of interviewing Rico Strong and Charlie Mac for a spot in her company. The seasoned slut makes no bones about it: she wants her first taste of black cock and she wants it right then and there! Rico and Charlie take turns using Jenna's mouth as temporary housing for their huge black cocks. The abuse of power that's on display is completely evident as Jenna Covelli goes back and forth between black cocks. Rico and Charlie - always ones for safety on the job- put condoms on, but Jenna Covelli wants them R-A-W. At 50 years of age, Jenna knows what she wants and she wants both black guys to show her no mercy. Charlie and Rico take turns slamming into her mature pussy and that's merely the start of Jenna's brilliance at taking advantage of her status. Jenna gets her pussy thrashed some more as her mouth slurps and sucks down the other black cock in the room. Jenna's husband would put a gun to his temple if he knew that the mother of his kids, (and grand kids, one day) was getting her first taste of black cock. Jenna Covelli gets fucked all over her office until Rico and Charlie spew out all their ghetto gravy. Do they get the job after that stellar performance? The ending will have you wondering if all white sluts get crazier as they get older.

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Here's what the members are saying

Member ghans**** Said:
She is so fucking hot I need more please!!!!

Member barnh**** Said:
looks like my jewish mom sucking those big black nigger cocks

Member alan6**** Said:
She's hot! Lets get more of her please!

Member ilove**** Said:
Love how she pulls the condoms off. and those condoms were wrapped tight around those big cocks, she had a hard time pulling them off.

Member jfr21**** Said:
cold sore............... omg what kind of up date is this lmao ,,,,,, fail i want my $1.82 or what ever it is for this month back for this site.

Member cinch**** Said:
nice COLD SORE... an unwanted surprise at the end...

Member zzdoo**** Said:
I love the condom play but damn she is nasty!

Member beerb**** Said:
It took 2 months to find an old broad to double team? The cold sore is a MAJOR TURNOFF!

Member grafc**** Said:
sexy as hell!!!!

Member snatc**** Said:
great scene. You should give us more cougars. And more of Jenna!

Member aloha**** Said:
I waited months for a new cougars update and was disappointed.

Member sprin**** Said:
I like her. She seems to really enjoy what she does. I hope to see her phat ass again.

Member tman3**** Said:
A bit too "grandma" like for my taste, But if you guys are gonna have these scenes with worn out sluts, then at least have them do thick BBC double vag/anal and really stretch them out a bit. Gave it a 5 for mediocrity.

Member Cucko**** Said:
Dam ugly..... She got HERPES ???????

Member zzcap**** Said:
I love the cold sore on her upper lip. those guys probably it can transfer to their BBCs :-) They shuld have left the rubbers on for their own health.

Member dpadp**** Said:
Excellent scene! Very hot milf and her taking the condoms off made the scene. Would have rather seen her paired with just Charlie or Mandingo or Lex instead of the tag team/gangbang theme that every scene seems to lean towards now on the site, but definitely the best update here for a long time.

Member ghans**** Said:
This woman is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! She is so damn hot please get her for more scenes please.

Member NotSu**** Said:
Get this hag some valtrax.

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